​Sounds like we finally have our answer.

Mets star pitcher Matt Harvey was ​suspended three games without pay by his team earlier today, with no reason behind the decision explained by the team.

This led to a ridiculous amount of speculation as to what may have sparked the team to make such a harsh decision, and former Mets All-Star Paul Lo Duca gave us just ​a bit of a hint as to what may have caused the whole situation.

​​It told us what ​DIDN’T lead to Harvey getting suspended, but it didn’t really explain the situation much further than that, and left plenty of questions unanswered.

Fortunately, Duca jumped back on social media and gave us a little more insight as to what’s going on in Flushing.

​​Well, it certainly sounds like Harvey went AWOL from his team, not letting anyone know where he was or sending a text explaining the situation. He just pulled a Derrick Rose, and disappeared from the team.

Unfortunately, we have no idea what may have caused Harvey to skip a team function (especially if it was a game), and the offense becomes even more serious if he skipped yesterday, just hours before he was scheduled to start in the next game.

Of course, this is speculation, but whatever’s going on in New York, it is NOT good.